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Relax Steve, have you re-incarnated as Judy here? Some
change seems to have come over you.

Listen, you just can't bother about him. You will be wasting
your life that way. Judy wasted hers. Jim wasted his. His
intention is to provoke you. You keep falling into his trap
again and again.

For the record, I never placed jedi_spock on my Do Not Read list. *Most* of the time his stuff isn't worth reading, but I still give his posts a shot because there is the off chance he might say something useful.

As in this post, trying to clue Steve and Jim into how obsessed they've become, and what that says about their *own* lack of intelligence and discrimination.
/"The discussions have to be based on the //
//assumption that we are discussing matters of //
//*opinion*.  No one is "right," no one is "wrong."///

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