blueb2, I'm taking colloidal silver because it worked on my Dad's killer 
bacteria last year, probably saved his life. And sliver patches work on my own 
aches and pains. I'm convinced it's anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral, 
anti microbial. Safe too. Woman in herb shop uses it on kid's earaches. 

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turq shows what a great master Maharishi was and is. The purpose of a master is 
to help the students see their delusions. Maharishi has explained that fear is 
the last negative emotion to go. From the Gita: certainly fear is borne of 

As long as we feel separate from the world, we will feel fear, though maybe on 
a deep level. And then we humans attempt to feel safe. Mainly modern people try 
to feel safe by having figured out life. Even turq does

Women generally try to feel safe by feeling loved; men by being competent. It's 
from our cave days and hardwired into our noggins. Specialness is a subset of 
these. If the tribe chief "loves" us or if we're his right hand man, we'll get 
the best pieces of wooly mammouth. 

At any moment, even this one, we are all acting from some percentage of 
fullness or safety and some percentage of emptiness or fear.

Hope this helps you feel safer. Meanwhile, a little colloidal silver every day 

May I know why you are taking that? Did any healer prescribe 
it to you?

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it makes them feel more self-important and 'special' for believing it. 

Now, it may come as a complete shock to you, dude, but you appear pretty damned 
self-important, and 'special', most of the time, pronouncing judgment on a lot 
of good people, for no other reason, than to forget your own truly pathetic 
existence. You may think this is a grand game, a pushing of buttons, but you 
are hardly one to point fingers. 

Sure, Barry, you live in Europe, but THAT IS ALL YOU DO. You might as well live 
in Nebraska, for all it gets you. Anyone can drink beer, watch TV,
and think up inflammatory shit to write on the Internet. That doesn't make you 
smart, or witty, or wise. 
Frankly, doing absolutely nothing except stirring the pot here, makes you 
appear as kind of a loser, to normal people. A tragic figure, with not enough 
experience to stand on his own, needing to climb on others' backs, to appear 
taller to himself. One could refer to you as, "a shoe lift of a man". 

Why don't you get off of here, and actually DO something? Write a book. Take 
the train to another country. Go on a date. Build something. Visit a museum. 
Such a tired old fart, doing nothing in your virtual Nebraska, except pissing 
in other people's pools. If you could only see it, the red would rise in your 

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Sometimes I think that Maharishi's "greatest accomplishment" should be listed 
as having taken so many at-one-time-fairly-intelligent people and, over time, 
turned them into weak-minded, gullible idiots like jr_esq, Share, srijau, 
Lawson, and others we see from time to time here on FFL. These people will 
believe *anything* if 1) they're told that Maharishi or some other Seller Of 
Woo Woo believed in it, and 2) it makes them feel more self-important and 
'special' for believing

The stuff they believe doesn't need to be reasonable, it doesn't need to follow 
the laws of physics or chemistry, and it doesn't depend on any kind of 
evidence. In fact, when presented with evidence that proves their belief to be 
nonsense, they believe even more strongly. Truly an

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