Richard, "Hell hath no fury..." The whole thing is a tragedy, plenty of human 
suffering to go around. It has me thinking about capital punishment. Do you 
think we should execute people who do certain crimes? Serial killers? Child 
rapists? Torturers? Are there some people who can never be rehabilitated? And 
how should that be determined? 

Collins need to make amends to those girls somehow, in some concrete way. And 
he needs to be incarcerated until rehabilitated.

OTOH, I definitely question his ex's motives. Plenty of wrong doing happening. 
And I keep thinking of what Jesus said: let he who is without sin cast the 
first stone

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On 10/8/2014 9:16 PM, wrote:

>the Stephen Collins incidents are 20 to 40 years ago, so he definitely could 
>have grown quite a large banana with TM long since.
Not to mention that because the tape was illegally released to the media he 
will probably never get a fair trial - if it comes to that. Also, there seems 
to have been a cover-up (no puns intended). Apparently the police have had 
custody of the tape for a few years.The events supposedly happened over 42 
years ago. Go figure.
Also we don't really know the truth from a therapy session tape, as any man who 
has been married could well imagine what weird things you might say, for 
whatever reason, especially an actor or other creative person, when at odds 
with the aggrieved female mind.
Collins' attorney accused his ex-wife of blackmail Tuesday and claimed she has 
been threatening to release the tape for years so she could get millions in the 
divorce settlement.


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