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 Composed by His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidnananda Swamiji, who is 
Himself, Lord Datta. 

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 Mantra Pramanam Mantraika Vedyam(Kagada Harati - 5) 
 Mantra Pramanam Mantraika Vedyam(Kagada Harati - 5) 
Yoga Sangeeta
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 Here is the meaning of this transformational bhajan....(This is not a copy and 

 To know Datta, Mantras alone are the source. 
 He is the one to be known through the Mantras. Adore Datta who is the 
embodiment of Mantra.

 The letters of the Mantras constitute Datta's form. He is the protector of 
Mantras and the one who is illumined by the Mantras. Adore that Datta. 

 Lord Datta dwells in the seed letter DRAM.
 He is the destroyer of the poverty of his devotees. 
 He is the six-lettered Mantra (Datta shadakshari). 
 He is the bestower of wealth and instructor of Yoga. 
 Worship such Datta. 

 He can be known also through the eight lettered Datta Ashtakshari Mantra. 
 He is the healer of the disease called Samsara. 
 He illumines our heart with limitless bliss. 
 He is the presiding Deity of the twelve lettered Dvadasakshari Mantra.
  He is Blissfull and the Master of Yoga.
 Worship such Datta.

 The sixteen lettered shodashakshari Mantra represents Him.
  He is an emperor among Gurus.
  He is the bestower. He is the repository of emancipation. 
 He himself is Krishna and Hari. He appears intoxicated. 
 Pray to such Datta. 

 He is the granter of bliss. 
 He sometimes appears as an ascetic and sometimes as a boy and at some other 
times as a ghost or goblin. He is the ocean of pure knowledge. 
 He is the supreme Lord. 
 He is Saccidananda. 
 Worship that Datta. 

 Jai Guru Deva Datta



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