Hate to break it to you, bawee, but you are not emotionally mature enough to be 
a crotchety old bastard, nor are you much of a writer. :-) 
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 I spoke up because Kurt Vonnegut was one of my favorite authors growing up. If 
he was ambivalent enough about TM and its benefits to resist being cast in the 
role of TM cheerleader during life, I for one am not going to stand by and see 
him cast in that role in death. 


 He was a crotchety old bastard, but he had a way with words. Both are 
qualities dear to my heart. :-)


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tto tlls a joke.)
   Bravo Turq for doing the research Bucky was afraid to find. At the end of 
the day, all the TM superlative blabber amounts to much ado about nothing.



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   For the record, when exactly did TMers develop such a "groupie mentality," 
willing to fall all over themselves gushing over some supposed celebrity who 
had once learned TM, and feeling more self-important *themselves*, as if some 
of the celebrity's greatness had rubbed off on *them* because this person had 
also once gathered up fruit, flowers and handkerchief and paid for a mantra?


 Buck is living in the distant past, and in an attempt to find a "TM 
spokesperson" to replace Stephen Collins is conveniently ignoring the fact that 
Kurt Vonnegut did not think as highly of Maharishi as he'd like you to believe. 


 From "The Gospel from Outer Space (Or, Yes We Have No Nirvanas)" --

 "Maharishi replied that any oppressed person could rise by practicing 
Transcendental Mediation. He would automatically do his job better, and the 
economy would pay him more, and then he could buy anything he wanted. He 
wouldn’t be oppressed anymore. In other words, he should quit bitching, begin 
to meditate, grasp his garters, and float into a commanding position in the 
marketplace, where transactions are always fair. 

 "And I opened my eyes, and I took a hard look at Maharishi. He hadn’t wafted 
me to India. He had sent me back to Schenectady, New York, where I used to be a 
public-relations man—years and years ago. That was where I had heard other 
euphoric men talk of the human condition in terms of switches and radios and 
the fairness of the marketplace. They, too, thought it was ridiculous for 
people to be unhappy, when there were so many simple things they could do to 
improve their lot. They, too, had Bachelor of Science degrees. Maharishi had 
come all the way from India to speak to the American people like a General 
Electric engineer." 

 Also, from a letter to the New York Times written by Vonnegut scholar Dan 
Wakefield after his death:


 To the Editor: 


 I am sorry that Kurt Vonnegut “seemed sad” when Kurt Andersen met him in 1980; 
the experience appears to set the tone for Andersen’s dismissively elegiac view 
of Vonnegut’s work (“True to Character,” 
http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/28/books/review/kurt-vonneguts-letters.html Oct. 
28). He wonders if the reason he did not love Vonnegut’s later novels was that 
“I was no longer an adolescent” or that “the ’60s were long over” and adds, 
with mock regret, “Alas, for Vonnegut, the countercultural moment was 


 Ironically, Vonnegut was really a counter-counterculture figure. He disrobed 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in a satiric essay for Esquire called “Yes, We Have No 
Nirvanas” and skewered transcendental meditation by citing a Western technique 
that achieves the same results — “reading short stories,” which Vonnegut called 
“Buddhist catnaps.” 


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   Thanks "Buck in the Dome". That was new info for me. It sounds a high-energy 
period in the life of the TMO. 
And "Duveyoung": what was the novel you refer to? I've read a couple of Kurt's 
novels (Slaughterhouse-Five and Cat's Cradle) but the TM link isn't in either 
of those.

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 Yeah, Ol' Kurt loved TM so much he wrote a novel in which a character learned 
TM, and Kurt DISCLOSED HIS MANTRA IN THE BOOK, and then that character 
proceeded to GO VIOLENTLY NUTS.





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