It also really bothers him that we continually comment on him, not giving a fig 
for his response. He apparently like to feel embattled, and almost as a martyr, 
who tries his best to bring The Light to the unwashed masses. He is really 
quite crazy, now. About ten years ago, Barry was all about being the Coolest 
Cat on the block. Slowly that has receded, and now all he does is spew endless 
diatribes against that which he cannot have. 
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You know Steve, it took others years to find his true 
character. Bob Price managed to find that out in just a few 
minutes time. Bob's so sharp, Uncle Tantra cannot face him.
Uncle Tantra's criticism is designed to be offensive in a 
sadistic sense.

 I figured it out after his first post back to me 2.5 years ago. He claimed he 
was drunk when he wrote it so this indicates to me he is not only a mean drunk 
but evidently just as mean sober.




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