From "The Maharshi,, Sept/Oct 2014, page 5, "Hridaya", by Patrick Roberts.:
 "When Palani Swami was dying, Sri Ramana sat with one hand on his head and one 
on hridaya [heart chakra]. Unfortunately, because he withdrew his hand from 
hridaya too soon, Pali was not liberated in his final moments and went to a 
higher world instead.  Sri Ramana did not repeat that mistake at his mother's 
deathbed, thereby ensuring that she was absorbed in Arunachala 
[Arunachala-Shiva]. When Valli the deer was dying, Bhagavan sat with her for an 
hour in the  same way, but he said there was no need for it with Lakshmi the 
cow.  She was already liberated"..
 [brackets mine.  A brief google search on Lakshmi the Cow Ramana Maharshi will 
bring up several accounts of the subject.]. 

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