TM tears itself down - like Barry once said here, if TM was all its cracked up 
to be, they wouldn't have to lie to sell it. This goon you are praising didn't 
even have the balls to give his own name.

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Thank you very much for this program! San Francisco is an amazing city and 
everything helps keep it that way. Please do not be overly concerned by some 
self-centered people here, just out to tear down TM, more in keeping with their 
unsuccessful lives.

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I am the Director of Operations for the school meditation project in San 
Francisco that uses TM, where the students were found to be the happiest in the 
city. I would like to try and correct some misunderstandings that may have 
occurred as a result of certain comments made here recently. 

 1. There is a post that suggest we 'stole' couches from a one of the high 
schools we
worked in. 

This is incorrect. We
purchase used couches from outside sources, specifically for the Quiet Time 
program. We own
2. That the windows and
doors in the rooms we used at a high school were papered over so that no one 
see in, and that the school had to remove the papering after we left.
A single door to a small
room was partially papered only during training sessions to reduce the
distraction from other students walking by during passing period. This paper
was taken down each day, and was not remaining after the meditation training
staff left the school.
3. That we had
been kicked out of at least 2 schools in SF since Jan of this year.
One school decided to
discontinue the Quiet Time program at the end of the spring semester due 
primarily to a vote from faculty regarding time constraints. There are
many schools throughout CA and nationally requesting the program, so we only 
work with those that are able to fit it into their schedule. After providing 
this to 7,000 students, teachers, parents and administrators for the last 7
years, we have had over a 90% program satisfaction rating. An extremely small
minority of parents, teachers and administrators have had issues with the 
program, usually
because of biases or misunderstandings.
4. That most of the
research referenced by the TM organization is "either bogus or deeply
There are over 100
studies on TM published in reputable, peer reviewed scientific journals
indicating various positive mental and physical health effects. Research
has been done at Stanford, Harvard, University of California and other
reputable institutions. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has funded over
24M worth of research into TM and heart health. In order to be published in
peer reviewed journals or to be funded by the NIH, rigorous assessment is
performed by highly experienced scientists. If the research was bogus or deeply
flawed, the research would not be funded or published. 

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