Cute story, but unlikely. Man is unique in that he has ALL the 7 spinal centers 
which enable HIM, above all the animals, plants and minerals,  to FULLY reflect 
the efflorescence of Being.

 Yogananda has said that man's body was a 'special' creation by God, endowed 
with all the 7 chakra/spiritual centers. The consciousness of the most evolved 
animals were implanted into these special vehicles created by God, hence man's 
'consciousness' evolved to its present state through all of the mineral, plant 
and animal kingdoms, but his present body was a special creation by God (though 
it didn't look like it does today--another subject). 

 Man was given free will and chose to disobey God and began to procreate like 
he had as an animal, this was the fall of man from grace and the beginning of 
man's journey through the wheel of  karma and re-birth (aka Samsara). Ever 
since then, man has been trying to regain Paradise Lost;  if I understand the 
story correctly.......:-)

 The Lake of Fire and eternal damnation Jesus spoke of is the 'curse' of death 
and re-birth, Reincarnation, which the Buddha spoke of as the wheel of 
suffering. For until man regains fully his identity with Spirit he is doomed to 
wander the earth in search of redemption and liberation.


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