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Two Items on TM in the News: 

1. Green documentary filmmaker Greg Reitman is interviewed in MANTRA, a Health 
and Yoga Magazine, on the importance of meditation (TM) and his new film Rooted 
in Peace. See Greg Reitman: Importance of Meditation. Founder/Editor-in-Chief 
Maranda Pleasant loved having Greg in this issue and asks us to help get the 
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2. Financial advisor Ron Robbins (Investing for the Soul) is interviewed on 
America Meditating about TM, investing, and how to bring inner fulfillment into 
your life. 

Canadian Governor and financial advisor appeared on America Meditating radio 
show on October 7. Recent show guests have been Russell Simmons, David Lynch, 
Neale Donald Walsch, and Alanis Morissette.
In the show Ron discusses the relevance of spirituality and TM to investing and 
economics. He emphasizes that gaining individual inner fulfillment is the only 
means to solving our individual and collective economic difficulties.
Ron's segment starts just past the 12 minutes mark and is 16 minutes long. The 
full show is 31 minutes in length.
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