Yes, Jedi, a reasoned response. 

 But for Barry to focus on his own issues?

 Does the "snowball in hell" analogy come to mind.


 (but, most brilliant poster here?)

 can you rein that one back, just a tad. (-:

---In, <blue_bungalow_2@...> wrote :


Ok, let's deal with YOUR issue here.

You called me "the 12 year old" a couple of days ago. It's 
these kind of snide remarks that neutralise, all the good 
points you make, and turns things here sour.

If you keep your criticisms impersonal, you would certainly 
be the most brilliant poster here. (Judy is guilty of this 
as well).

Your constant harping, about you ignoring certain people is 
a source of irritation. I too ignore quite a lot of people 
here, but I never mention it.

--- <turquoiseb@...> wrote :

 OK, let's deal with YOUR issue, jedi_bungalow_bill.  

You posed the question to Steve, but isn't it JUST as applicable to you? Have 
YOU reincarnated as Judy?  

After all, wasn't it her act to try to provoke arguments, and if people didn't 
fall for the provocation, to then harass and stalk them and try to *taunt* them 
into replying to her, so she could eventually get the head-to-head argument she 

Well, I dealt with that by taking away from her what she really wanted -- a 
"captive audience" to yell at so she could try to (in her mind) hurt them. I 
just stopped bothering to read her posts. Based on her recent efforts, it may 
have worked...she sticks to facts and seems to have dropped the "If you don't 
respond by giving me the argument I want I'll say nastier and nastier things 
about you until you do" thang. Good deal, say I, and I wish her well with the 
new approach. 

Well, that's what Steve and Ann and Jim and Dan and Richard have been doing to 
me, too -- trying to run Judy's old routine. I won't pay any attention to them, 
and have in fact stopped reading their posts as well, and as far as I can tell 
from quotes of theirs I see in people's posts I *do* read, they've reacted by 
adopting Judy's old "bunny boiler" tactics:

Why I'm bothering to spell this out is that YOU (jedi_spock, 
bungalow_blue_balls, or whoever you are this week) seem to be trying to run the 
same number. You've got your panties in a twist about me over something, and 
you seem to be trying to taunt me into having an argument with you so that you 
can get the twist out by yelling at me. 

Sorry...not gonna happen. *As* with Bob Price, who *several* people wrote off 
as a waste of time after his first abusive period here, and *as* with Dan 
Friedman, who others (including Judy) realized was a nut case during his first 
drive-by, if you keep up this trying-to-taunt-me-into-arguing-with-you routine 
you'll share the same fate. 

Life is just Too Fuckin' Short to waste it with pissants who are intent on 
turning everything into a battle. Allow me to spell it out for you: YOU ARE 

Now you know. Do with this information what you will...

...oh, and have a nice day.  :-) 


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