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 Thank you very much for this program! San Francisco is an amazing city and 
everything helps keep it that way. Please do not be overly concerned by some 
self-centered people here, just out to tear down TM, more in keeping with their 
unsuccessful lives.

 LOL, look at the rest of your posts tonight, it utterly kills me that you 
think a casual observer will look at your "Bawee" obsession as the product of a 
healthy mind and one that's been doing TM for decades, and not only that has 
attained some sort of spiritual goal!


You bring up a good point, Salyavin. WHY would someone obsess the way Jimbo  
(fleetwood_macncheese) does about little ol' ME? I mean, he seemingly can't 
make it through a single day without writing some made-up tirade about me. Now 
if he were just a normal, everyday person, that could be construed as normal, 
everyday obsession, like Ann's or Judy's or Steve's. But Jim (as he never seems 
to tire of telling everyone) is ENLIGHTENED. Think about the *implications* of 
someone enlightened spending much of his online time obsessing on someone like 
me as Jim spends.

We all know, for example, that Jimbo has claimed not just to be in CC (Cosmic 
Consciousness, or the first stage of enlightenment, for the lurking reporters) 
but in Unity or Brahman Consciousness (the highest rungs of the TM 
consciousness ladder). He's claimed this many, many, many times. We *also* know 
that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who Jimbo claims as his teacher, said many, many, 
many times that anyone who is truly in the state of Unity Consciousness or 
Brahman Consciousness can manifest all of the siddhis (mystical powers, such as 
invisibility and levitation - flying). 

Therefore, if Jimbo is telling the truth and really IS in Unity Consciousness 
or Brahman Consciousness, he can FLY. Presumably he spends much of his time 
entertaining his neighbors in the trailer park they live in by levitating for 
them. Jim also KNOWS pretty much everything, as he never delights in telling 
us. He goes to great lengths to point out that someone enlightened the way he 
is doesn't just believe things, he KNOWS them, because he's...uh...well...just 
that SPECIAL. As he also never stops telling us, people as enlightened as he is 
are very rare. He tells us quite often, in fact, that he's the ONLY fully 
enlightened being on this forum. 

But this is the part that puzzles me. If Jimbo is all that special and 
powerful, able to FLY and all that, *WHY* does he spend so much of his time 
obsessing on a lowlife like myself? 

Could it possibly be that I'm not just yer ordinary lowlife but...S A T A N ?

That's the only thing I can think of that would warrant the amount of time Jim 
spends obsessing about me, and how upset he seems to get any time anyone says 
anything positive about me. He's not "really" just stalking and harassing 
someone he doesn't like...by stalking me he's waging war against evil 
protecting FFL and the world against S A T A N. 

Yeah...that's the ticket. It all finally makes sense now, doesn't it?   :-)  

 Dear bawee, as much as you'd like to think you are a bad boy, even bordering 
on some sort of upsetting evil influence you are not one of the big boys. Leave 
the really bad stuff to those who are really bad. As I mentioned the other day, 
evil is interesting so that, unfortunately, excludes you.

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