I liked this movie though probably not everyone here will. It might be a bit depressing for some (especially those facing old age). It's sort of an anti-Hollywood film though done in Hollywood. Robin Wright plays herself as an aging actress who is offered a contract to be digitized so that her likeness can be used in any movie the studio wants. The catch is she is never allowed to act again. The studio head is played by Danny Huston and her agent by Harvey Keitel. This is also a film about automation and robotics taken over and how the public is kept in a drugged stupor. A good part of the film is animated to display the illusory world that the public and Wright experience. There are lots of famous figures in the animated world including even some deities such as Ganesh and Shiva. Jon Hamm plays an animated character she meets.

The film got an 8 minute review on ..... Infowars.com. They liked it but thought it could have been more entertaining. Guess I would have to rate it Not for Salyavin though he actually might like it.

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"The Congress" with Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel and Paul Giamatti is now
available for rent online at Amazon, VUDU, iTunes.


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