I had an unusual dream about the Raiders last night.  It started out with a 
conversation with a young man who supposedly plays for the Raiders team.  He 
said he just moved in to the apartment complex with his wife.

 He showed me the apartment in which his other team members were going to live. 
 I walked up to the top floor of the apartment to see where this place was.  I 
saw that this place was near a beach and the streets didn't look like it was in 
Oakland, CA at all.

 One of the residents mentioned that the place was near Los Angeles, CA.

 I saw a flash of an old picture of Al Davis, the deceased owner of the ball 

 Then, the young man said that there was going to be a team bus that will pick 
up the players at the apartment complex to the football arena.  He said that he 
hopes to see me at the ball game.

 As I awoke, I realized that this dream has no relationship to the game that's 
scheduled for this Sunday, nor is it related to the new coach who's trying to 
turn around the team's losing habits.  It appears to be saying that, no matter 
what the results will be for this season, the Raiders will be moving to a new 
home--perhaps, in Los Angeles.


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