Good! The more stuff he blabbers about that mainstream people don't like will 
give less credibility to his TM sales pitches.

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For this particular radio program, he might have been promoting the local TM 
rajah in the Netherlands.

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Here's hoping he will combine his 9-11 questions with his TM pitches "If we had 
more politicians doing TM, they wouldn't lie about things like 9-11! We need 
answers! I get mine from hallucinations I have of midgets talking to me in my 
dreams! Do TM! It'll save the world!"

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Lynch is asking very important questions.  There appears to be a conspiracy or 
government coverup.   He should try to prove the doubts he has about the 911 

Or, he could have been trying to sell his new movie to the public.  He's doing 
the shock and awe tactics for publicity sake.

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Should cause some commotion here:

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