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There are lots of celebrities who question the 9-11 story.  I liked the time 
that Mos Def was on Bill Maher and mentioned he didn't believe the official 
story.  That sort of put Maher between a rock and a hard place because he like 
Mos but goes unglued over the  9-11 allegations.  Maher even had some audience 
folks thrown out because they yelled it was an "inside job."


Maher got slammed and had to grovel to keep his job after 9/11 when he 
commented that it took courage to fly those planes into the buildings.

Oh and BTW, I bought both of the remote viewing episodes from Courtney Brown.  
It's more about the process the two remote viewers went through and very 
interesting.  One point I wonder about though was if one of them remote viewed 
the war room for the war game that day which would have had nothing to do with 
the false flag.
But keep eating the peanuts and believing your guvmint and the big corporations 
who represent the truth.

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Ah, celebrity endorsement. It must be true!

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Should cause some commotion here:


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