/In order to avoid getting infected by the Ebola virus every traveler should follow these precautions:/

 * Stay three feet away from any Ebola victim
 * Do not touch any body fluids of someone who is sick
 * Wear a mask over your mouth and nose, waterproof gloves, a gown and
   eye protection
 * If you develop a fever over 103, isolate yourself
 * Go immediately to the nearest free clinic
 * Avoid all public transportation

/DALLAS - Thomas Eric Duncan's temperature spiked to 103 degrees during the hours of his initial visit to an emergency room...

Associated Press:

/So, the D-68 enterovirus is claiming lives around the country and some people are concerned, asking the important questions. Where did the virus originate and how did we get it? You'd think there would be information on about this on FFL, right? //
//Just One Minute: "Didn't we have an influx of central American children to the US this summer? Weren't there concerns about diseases spreading in the holding camps? Weren't the children dispersed all across this great nation? My initial guess was that since Texas was not showing up as one the early states with an outbreak, the disease was less likely to be associated with immigrants."/ - Tom Maguire

The CDC has just one job!

/"You had one job!" is the punchline on a popular Internet meme involving organizational screw-ups. Now critics are saying something similar about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in response the agency's handling of the Ebola outbreak."/ - Glenn Harlan Reynolds

USA Today:
/"...there are a million people in isolation, in quarantine, because of Ebola, and ten thousand passengers leave West Africa every single day. It's just a matter of time before this disease is carried to every corner of the world."/

CBS Philly:
/Addressing the important issues://
//According to Tom Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, we must be "relentless" in stopping the spread of ebola in West Africa. After all, after all is said and done here, that is the only way to truly and completely protect the health security of America -- and the world. By January there could be millions of people infected with the virus. //

Asking the important questions:
//Who is going to spend the money to keep this epidemic contained so that it doesn't turn into a pandemic? How much would it cost to invent a vaccine? How will military units on the ground have the discipline, the will and the resources to mobilize tomorrow, build treatment centers really fast and deliver the care and medicine needed?//

Taking action:
//The U.S. has boots are on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and now 3,600 troops are being sent into Liberia to help manage the crises. How many boots on the ground and how much money will it take to defeat ISIS and the Ebola?/

'Pentagon Sending 600 More Military Personnel to Fight Ebola in Africa'

'Ebola virus: Pandemic should be treated 'the same way' as threat posed by nuclear weapons, security officials say'
The Independent:

'Five blunders US made in treating country's first Ebola patient'
The Telegraph:
/"For anyone paying attention, the long-brewing crisis hardly came out of nowhere."/

'We Screwed Up On Ebola, And Now The Crisis Is Getting Much Worse'

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