All Lynch has to do is ask Salyavin since he has it all figured out. :-D

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You probably don't know him very well, he's a very private fellow. The last thing he would do is to create a shock for the sake of publicity. He was asked a question and gave his honest opinion; the hole in Pentagon wasn't big enough for a plane to have crashed, why did 3 huge buildings collapse when only two were hit by planes and why were there no wreckage or skidmarks on the ground from the plane that supposedly went down in Pennsylvania.
Like Lynch said; we need answers, that's all.

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Lynch is asking very important questions. There appears to be a conspiracy or government coverup. He should try to prove the doubts he has about the 911 scenario.

Or, he could have been trying to sell his new movie to the public. He's doing the shock and awe tactics for publicity sake.

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Should cause some commotion here:

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