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 Salyavin, you're "reviewing the movie without having seen it" just  like Judy. 
 You say:
 The only thing I believe about the government is that they are incapable of 
planning and executing such a sophisticated and cynical plot. Rigging buildings 
to collapse like a traditional demolition but only after planes had flown into 
them? And without ever practising! What would have happened if the buildings 
fell over when the planes hit? The nuclear weapons would have been seen 
exploding! Bit risky for the plotters.
 This is because you don't actually know what 9-11 investigators allege.  We 
allege it was a conspiracy by a faction in the government and some 
corporations.  The planes were a cover and they alone would not have collapsed 
the building.  See, Mr. Science, you don't even know that the buildings were 
designed to take a hit by those size planes.  This because a large plane hit 
the Empire State by accident back in the 1940s but italso didn't sustain much 
damage from that.  So they made sure future buildings were also built to take 
such hits.










 Also planes hitting the building would not have made them fall over.  To do 
that is a bit tricky and they hit too high to do that.  Thus it required 
demolition to complete the job.  It is alleged that Flight 93 was supposed to 
hit WTC 7 where the operation was run from and it was also the principal target 
because it contained documents that the perpetrators didn't want investigated.  
When the Flight 93 got shot down (no it didn't crash) then they had to "pull" 
the building (as soon as the operations team got out).  Silverstein goofed and 
said they had to "pull" building.  It wouldn't be possible to set the building 
up for demolition under those conditions and that fast.  It was set up in 
 Most of us know that a large jet liner could not have maneuvered to hit the 
Pentagon.  There would have been crash debris and a much larger hole.  It was 
most likely a missile.  Some folks claim they saw a plane but that too may have 
been the operations plane flying over at the time (and one was seen in the 
 Your knowledge of modern tactical nuclear weapons is a bit lacking.  They 
would necessarily exposed the perps to any danger setting them up.
 I've spent  over 10 years on this subject and  have many reference materials 
if you want to argue more and get an education.
 Believe if you want that some billionaire in a cave in Afghanistan ran the 
whole operation but that really sounds wacky! :-D 



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