Steve wakes up in the morning.  Fortunately after using the bathroom at 4:00, 
he was able to get back to sleep. It's around 6:20, and wife has been up since 

 Okay, let's pull over the computer and see what's going on.

 Hot damn, business has a decent balance.  Don't have to worry about making 
payroll this week. Even personal account is in a little better shape.

 Okay, check the obituaries.  Most of the parent's friends have passed on, but 
there's still a few doing okay. Good, no online sympathy notes to write.

 Let's see FFL.  Jesus F'n Christ.  It's the ongoing battle!  Am I TB today?  
Evidently so.  What day is it!  Oh, okay, the 283rd day on Barry's DNR list, 
and the 35th day on salyavins'.

 Fortunately, oh god, FORTUNATELY, Michael hasn't taken me off his DNR 

 see about more later.  K.C. has bases loaded right now.


---In, <steve.sundur@...> wrote :

 Ann,  you are on target.  This arrow has ripped through the bulls-eye on the 
target, through the chain link fence behind the target, and impaled a 
handkerchief that had blown in front a tree. 

 You can skip over me if you want.  (-: (-: (-:

---In, <awoelflebater@...> wrote :

 MJ, Michael J, sometimes taking a razzin’ for having the same moniker as black 
pop singer Michael Jackson but our white MJ doesn’t care. He has his name and 
he’s his own man and this Michael, this white MJ is a baker. He has marathon 
baked, he has filled the bellies of those not fit to scrub his cake pans. Our 
Michael has slaved over breads that could rival the Taj Mahal in their perfect 
symmetry and aesthetic appeal. And oh, the taste! The melt-in-your-mouth 
transcendental experience is famous from the Southern states up into the corn 
and hog belt of the midwest. Yes, MJ brought confection so sublime to the small 
town that is home to the mum of all MUMs. But MUM disappointed our 
mild-mannered baker, she done him wrong, in short - MUM turned out to be a 
colossal bitch.

 A day in the life:
 Michael lets out a guffaw and leans back in his chair wiping the tears from 
his eyes  - tears which are the result of having read one of the best comebacks 
from Sal and Barry to Steve he has read on FFL. He is feeling good this 
morning. He has managed to find two articles exposing the chicanery of TM and 
all who practice it. This first particular article is a doozy; wait until Barry 
and Sal get a load of this, he thinks - his best find yet. Apparently, 
according to the article, it was discovered that three residents of Fairfield 
were found to have gum recession upon visiting their dentist on their 
semi-annual check up. In addition, one of the three also required a crown. Now 
this was a goldmine of information and definite proof of TM’s false claims and 

 The second “find” was almost as good. It seems that in 1976 an TM initiator 
had left a house he had rented without cleaning the oven and still demanded his 
deposit back. Now surely the rest of those sycophants at FFL will have to admit 
that Maharishi was a liar and a fraud, not to mention an old goat. Surely this 
will prove, without a doubt that I, MJ has been right and am now vindicated.

 With the SEND button activated and both incriminating pieces of evidence 
safely posted to his favorite forum, MJ sighs and feels that things are looking 
up. HIs work, for the moment, is done. He stands to stretch for a moment but a 
thought strikes him. “What if I am on the "no-read” list of the sycophants. He 
begins to frantically wonder if they might never see what he has posted here. 
He begins to perspire, he is feeling shaky - all that he thinks should happen 
may not happen at all. The horror, the waste! All his time, his efforts, his 
endless hours of pursuit toward what is right and good may go unseen. There is 
only one thing to do: find others on other forums, on Facebook on his own blog 
that will read what he has to say, oh, and bake a half dozen cream pies to 
throw at the pictures of those in the movement who done him wrong. He has them 
hung all in a neat row; today it will be Boston cream pie for the bastards.



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