Great news, as always, but the reason I am commenting, is that the TMO has 
finally joined the 21st century, graphically. Oddly, in the word cloud on their 
home page, there are the words, "miserable session" which lead to a 404 error, 
source not found. :-)

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 1. TM Media Alert (USA): "Brazilian Supermodel Gisele Bundchen practices TM" 
-- -- October 10, 2014            

2. TM Media Alert (USA): "7 Ways You Can Change the World" [See point 6] -- 
Huffington Post -- Monica Bourgeau/October 10, 2014

3. TM Media Alert (USA): "6 Daily Habits of the World's Most Successful CEO's" 
[See Point 3] -- Business Insider -- JT Ripton/October 10, 2014

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