Me too, Fleet, I love seeing the sun and moon in the sky at the same time. The 
women's Dome is up on a bit of a ridge and sometimes that's possible.

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The most obvious feature here, is the big sky. Not only the blazing Milky Way, 
overhead at night, but also being able to see a vast sky stretching over the 
valley, from mountain range, to mountain range, during the day - So...!...Akasha. I particularly enjoy seeing the rising sun and the 
moon, together in the same sky.
Back on earth, I bought an R/C flying sphere - white round plastic frame, with 
props for vertical and horizontal travel - For those of you who have used the 
R/C helos, this one is far more resistant to crash landings - haven't lost a 
blade yet. Twenty bucks, at Costco.

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