It is hardly mental disorder that leads people to spiritual organizations - If 
so, Barry would be among our sickest members. His perspective is always one of 
failure, of settling for less, if it beats a sharp stick in the eye, it'll do.  

 Barry, after having had some flashy stuff in his life, cannot rekindle that 
flame again (except with his self-created deadly enemy, TM), and so he goes on 
tiredly, poking a sad sort of fun, at any need for anyone to believe in, or 
seek, something greater than themselves, whatever its attributes.  

 He is desperately trying to settle for less, and have us all do the same. He 
walks forward, ever deeper, into his compressed past, as I walk backwards, into 
the future. 
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 Believe if you want that some billionaire in a cave in Afghanistan ran the 
whole operation but that really sounds wacky! :-D 
 Ran the whole operation? You mean got some guys to hijack a few planes? It's 
too simple isn't it. That's the problem people have, they can't believe that 
much destruction was caused by a few maniacs in hijacked planes.

 But it was not that simple.  And the alleged fliers couldn't even fly a Cessna 
properly let alone a jet.  Those planes were remote controlled and such systems 
were available in advance of 9-11.I disagree, I think they were telepathically 
controlled by the Space Brothers from their secret base on Pluto.

 Weak minds glom onto conspiracy theories the same way that weak minds follow 
cult leaders. That's all anyone ever needs to know about discussions like this. 

 Are you inferring that I'm a weak mind, Barry?  What's happened to you?  
Getting old and cranky and the contracts not showing up like they used too?

I think our bawee has taken profound ownership of his own conspiracy theory and 
he seems to be sticking to it - like glue. 'Weak mindedness' seems to be the 
catch-all reason for most things that human beings do, in bawee's "mind" 
anyway. Thank God this man didn't enter the field of psychiatry. Can you 
imagine? His one diagnosis for everything, "You are weak minded, now get out of 
my office. Next." 

I am saying that a *tendency* to believe in conspiracy theories is a mental 
disorder strongly linked to the mental disorder that attracts people to cults. 
IMO, conspiracy theories offer those who tend to gravitate to them the same 
thing that cults do -- 1) easy "answers" to complex questions, and 2) the 
feeling of being "special," because you "know" the "truth" while lesser people 

There have been many studies of conspiracy theories and why they've become so 
popular. Here are a few articles on the subject. I really like one line from 
this first one: "The best predictor of belief in a conspiracy theory is belief 
in other conspiracy theories..." That, for me, indicates a *strong* link 
between conspiracy nuts and cultists. Just think about Fairfield, and why 
*every* huckster selling New Age potions and seminars and techniques comes 
through town -- they do this because TMers, having been taught to believe *one* 
set of improbable things (dare I mention "levitation" and "butt bounce for 
peace"), are now primed to believe *more* improbable things. Fairfielders are 
well known in the U.S. as being the Biggest Suckers In The Country -- if you 
want to sell *anything* bizarre and New Agey, you take your snake oil routine 
to Fairfield. Well, I'm suggesting that the same is true of conspiracy nuts -- 
once you've bought into one of them, and felt all "special" because you know 
the "truth" and "lesser" people around you don't, you become an easy mark for 
the next conspiracy theory. And the next. And the next. And...

 Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories

 Why Rational People Buy Into Conspiracy Theories
 Psychologists are beginning to unravel the mystery behind this brand of 
American political paranoia.

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This next article also agrees with my personal theories about conspiracy 
theories in another way: "Conspiracy theories offer easy answers by casting the 
world as simpler and more predictable than it is." Neither conspiracy nuts nor 
cultists like mysteries, things they "can't explain." So they tend to glom onto 
the first easy "explanation" to ease their cognitive dissonance. 

 Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories

 Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories
 Conspiracy theories offer easy answers by casting the world as simpler and 
more predictable than it is. Their popularity may pose a threat to societal 

 View on www.scientificameri...
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And back to the particular conspiracy theory that started all this:

 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Why Do People Believe In September 11 Conspiracies?

 9/11 Conspiracy Theories: Why Do People Believe In Septe...";
ygrps-yiv-2081778553ygrps-yiv-347698271link-enhancr-element A deeper look into 
why people believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories.

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