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Weak minds glom onto conspiracy theories the same way that weak minds follow cult leaders. That's all anyone ever needs to know about discussions like this.

Are you inferring that I'm a weak mind, Barry? What's happened to you? Getting old and cranky and the contracts not showing up like they used too?
/Maybe Barry1 changed his mind about conspiracy theories and now he no longer believes the Jews were behind the WTC attack, from the inside. ////Go figure.//
//Some conspiracy questions. //Thanks in advance. //
//Are you actually thinking that no planes were flown into the WTC?////

Most people that saw the attack on TV were convinced that two planes flew *into* the buildings, not *out* of them. Do you have any video tapes of jetliners flying from inside the WTC, *out* into the NYC sky in plain daylight?//

//If so, how would they get a large jetliner inside the WTC through the door and up the service elevator and past the security cameras?//
//Wouldn't they need a runway for the jet to take off from, even if it was a very short one?//
//And how would the ticket sellers and pilots talk passengers into boarding a plane that was lodged between the hallway of the WTC and the women's bathroom?//
//Also, what would be the purpose of flying a jet airliner *out* of the WTC, when it would be a whole lot easier to fly one *into* the WTC - from a runway and airport in Boston?/

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