/According to what I've read, in the next few days President Obama will order thousands of U.S. Marines back into Baghdad, Iraq, in order to save the U.S. embassy. To provide security for the U.S. interests and the U.S. embassy; to fight the ISIS insurgents and drive them back out of the city. Failure is not an option. How is that smart diplomacy working?

/"Islamic State jihadists move within eight miles of the Iraqi capital, sparking calls for America to return to the country "

'Iraq asks for US ground troops as Isil threaten Baghdad'
The Telegraph:

/ISIS insurgent rides into downtown Baghdad/

/Our side is suffering serious defeats on the battlefield in Anbar province and Baghdad is ripe for infiltration. Then, it's a guerrilla war in the streets with up close and personal close range fighting.//
//According to President Obama, it's a war against the Islamic State, but who are they? The goal is to roll back the IS in Iraq and contain it in Syria. Soon, Turkey will be pulled into the fight - the ISIS are at the gates today, tomorrow Istanbul and onwards to Rome./

"With the outlying suburb of Abu Ghraib teetering on completely falling to ISIS, if the area comes under complete control of the Islamists, the Americans will be within easy range of ISIS artillery."

/'ISIS reaches Baghdad suburbs, US troops block the way to BGW Int'l Airport'/ http://www.examiner.com/article/isis-reaches-baghdad-suburbs-us-troops-block-the-way-to-bgw-int-l-airport

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