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 He'd probably weigh over 300 pounds if he quit both. 

 I think Bevan Morris should get back on the fags then, and Hagelin is looking 
a but chubby these days. I can just see them on the Marshy channel stubbing one 
out in an ashtray and swigging back the dregs of a 'cino before puja. It's 
vedic, they'll cough.

 They had to find a way of excusing Lynchees habits, so they claimed it was 
self-referral. Like that explains anything at all.

  He is probably typical American pitta-kapha and kapha dominant too much of 
the time.  Those two substances are known in ayurveda to reduce kapha.  My late 
tantra guru probably would not have have died of congestive heart failure if he 
had not quit smoking.  He immediately put on weight when he quit.  I also think 
that people who are kapha will be less likely get emphysema from smoking as 
that tends to happen more with vata types.
 Creative people often fight with having a creative mindset and being able to 
act on it.  For instance a lot of jazz musicians were bright people who easily 
learned their instruments and music theory but a bit too high strung to play 
well without some help from drugs (or some meditation).
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   "I must have a very high tolerance for caffeine," he says. "I always 
associated smoking and drinking coffee with the art life. They go hand in hand. 
There's something about drinking coffee and smoking that makes me happy and 
facilitates thinking. I just really love those things." - David Lynch



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