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It doesn't appear that ISIS and al-Qaeda can sustain its dominion unless it has some kind of cooperation by the people in its so called caliphate. Without cooperation by the people in Iraq and Syria and the rest of the world, the militants will soon fall by the sheer force of nature against its existence.

REYHANLI, Turkey — The U.S.-led air war in Syria has gotten off to a rocky start, with even the Syrian rebel groups closest to the United States turning against it, U.S. ally Turkey refusing to contribute and the plight of a beleaguered Kurdish town exposing the limitations of the strategy...

'U.S.-led air war in Syria is off to a difficult start'
The Washington Post:

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/"As ISIS continues to advance on the Syrian town of Kobani and close in on Turkey’s border, experts in Islamic radical movements think the terror group may merge with its al-Qaeda mother organization soon. Together, the group would represent the greatest terror threat to the civilized world."/

'The Merger of ISIS and al-Qaeda Could Cripple the Civilized World'

/ISIS and al Qaeda at the gates of Europe/

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