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He'd probably weigh over 300 pounds if he quit both.

I think Bevan Morris should get back on the fags then, and Hagelin is looking a but chubby these days. I can just see them on the Marshy channel stubbing one out in an ashtray and swigging back the dregs of a 'cinobefore puja. It's vedic, they'll cough.

They had to find a way of excusing Lynchees habits, so they claimed it was self-referral. Like that explains anything at all.

In 1976, after returning from TTC where we were told we might have some ayurvedic physicians visiting but didn't happen, I noticed that a book on Ayurveda had been published by a Dr. Thakkur. In there was the listing of tobacco as an anti-kapha agent (among many other substances of course).

Both tobacco and coffee raise the metabolism and hence aid the body in burning off calories. The role of coffee in helping with diabetes type II is now being notedly publicly even though I head of the research several years ago.

For obviously reasons tobacco isn't pushed as a cure as there are plenty other safe stimulants. And to be fair I don't think Lynch recommends his diet and habits to anyone else.

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