Bhairitu said: ":they designed the buildings to withstand at least a crash from 
a 707 or bigger aircraft. "


 Plans for the WTC began in 1961..  

 The design for the World Trade Center, unveiled to the public on January 18, 
 Construction of the WTC started in 1968

 The WTC opened in 1973
 In February 1978, the 767 model designation,[14] and three variants began 
 The 767 entered service with United Airlines on September 8, 1982
 The planes flying into the WTC were 767 is a much larger and wider plane than 
the 707. 
 I am unclear why you are bring up the 707. 
 The timeline does not appear to support your claim that that the WTC was 
designed to withstand the impact of a 767.  


 Bhairitu said: "You do realize that the building architects wouldn't have 
designed for a WWII B-25 crash don't you?"

 Some argue (simplistically) that the since Empire State building survived a 
major plane crash, why didn't the WTC (and thus they argue detonation was 
necessary). The points I presented conveyed that the two incidents, planes and 
buildings, were quite different and not comparable.

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