MJ: "Didn't read Ann's parody of me, but..." 

 oh no! is it spreading?!

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 Didn't read Ann's parody of me but I am glad that someone who walked away from 
your much vaunted school to follow a charismatic crazy cult leader pleases you 
with her writing.

 Hey MJ, don't judge until you read it, it isn't something you have to shy away 
from, it isn't so bad. I'm surprised you have avoided reading it. You can write 
one about me - especially if you feel I did you a terrible disservice in what I 
felt was verrrry light-hearted. 

 And I didn't walk away from MIU I graduated from it and came back to FF a 
couple years later to teach riding to the students and faculty there. That is 
when I ran into Robin who had recently stumbled into FF. The rest is history.




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