See, pretty easy, huh? We could have many such interactions on this forum. :-)

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 dear Fleetwood, even though I have sort of read your post containing list of 
possible responses
 it is clearly a true lie  that made me LOL and COL

 about the principles of dealing with rattlesnakes of all sorts, not to mention 
 therefore you suck at being a cult member
 and so I am That, thou are that, etc.
 but I'm gonna ignore your post anyway...unless I forget to!


 On Saturday, October 11, 2014 10:30 PM, "fleetwood_macncheese@... 
[FairfieldLife]" <> wrote:

   Thank you, and thank you - the parody was hilarious - always interesting to 
look in someone else's mirror of my online me. Yeah, I made a remark about MJ's 
by-now-familiar-but-not-by-him qualification. I am feeling left out from that 
experience, where you state explicitly, before any response, that you have not 
read the post, that you are responding to. 

 I would like to try that! Think of the possibilities, the blind agendas 
forwarded, the left-hand turns, down a dirt road! The next time someone makes a 
comment about *anything*, I'll respond like this: 

 Even though I haven't read [subject post], 
 it is clearly [a. an affirmation, b. a condemnation, c. an insane lie, d. an 
excellent joke], 
 about the principles of [a. cooking, b.TM, c. Enlightenment, d. shoes, e. 
horse shoes]. 
 Therefore, you [a. suck, b. make a good point, c. aren't making any sense], 
 and so I [a. am, b. am not] 
 going to [a. dignify that with a response, b. remember that, and cherish it, 
c. tell you to fuck off]. 

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 Wow! Talk about being at the right place, at the right time. I get mystery and 
life from water, and satisfaction and wonder from earth, and blessed dreams and 
inspiration, from the air, wind, clouds, sun, and stars.

 You are indeed a fortunate and, if I might use the term, blessed man, Mac. And 
thanks for the wonder woman parody of me, I had a good chuckle. I hope you 
weren't offended by mine, I meant it all in the friendliest of ways but you 
never know how these things are gonna fly. Apparently MJ is too afraid to read 
the one I wrote about him - maybe he thinks he might recognize himself from 
what I wrote. 

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 So Fresh, isn't it? Akasha







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 Me too, Fleet, I love seeing the sun and moon in the sky at the same time. The 
women's Dome is up on a bit of a ridge and sometimes that's possible.


 On Saturday, October 11, 2014 8:05 AM, "fleetwood_macncheese@... 
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   The most obvious feature here, is the big sky. Not only the blazing Milky 
Way, overhead at night, but also being able to see a vast sky stretching over 
the valley, from mountain range, to mountain range, during the day - So...!...Akasha. I particularly enjoy seeing the rising sun and the 
moon, together in the same sky.
 Back on earth, I bought an R/C flying sphere - white round plastic frame, with 
props for vertical and horizontal travel - For those of you who have used the 
R/C helos, this one is far more resistant to crash landings - haven't lost a 
blade yet. Twenty bucks, at Costco.




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