Yes, recommend Lunchbox as well. "Auntie"

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 Bhairitu asked "What dog do you have in this anyway?  A check from Langley?"

 I applied, stating my sole purpose was to meet  Carrie Mathison. Oddly, I 
never heard 

 However, now with your implied endorsement, I am sure that they will welcome 
me with open arms. (of one variety or another). 

 By the way, Carrie's nemesis this season as station chief in Pakistan is 
Nimrat Kaur who starred in  The Lunchbox (set in India).  . 

 I recommend the film. I found it gracefully captured subtle and nuanced, ebbs 
and flows of life. Its humor was kept low key and charming.  Well acted and 
directed. I thought she was exceptional in her understated conveyance of quiet 
emotional depth.    






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