Yes, I used to do long distance running, and once, on a very steep, and slow, 
part of a trail, the horseflies were fierce, and I spontaneously contacted the 
king of the horseflies, and asked him to stop his flies from being so 
aggressive. I don't recall if it worked, though I often will deal with pests 
that way, by introducing myself, to the king of the particular animal kingdom, 
letting him know that I mean no harm, and am respectful, but want my space, 
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 I agree, Fleetwood and 2013 was definitely my year for learning how to deal 
successfully with critters, mainly of the entomological variety! The last 
incident involved being inundated with gigantic flies. And I couldn't figure 
out how they were getting into the house! Finally I did a little ho'oponopono. 
Next day they were gone! And I never found any dead bodies! About a week later 
I read an article that their very short mating season had just occurred. 
Anyway...the critters are here to stay. Good to make peace and have clear 
boundaries, as you say. 


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   [Attachment(s) from 
fleetwood_macncheese@... [FairfieldLife] included below] Has a biblical ring to 
it, huh?... My wife found the snake (western diamondback?) on the patio, next 
to the house, this evening. I hosed him off, into nearby shrubs. I'd rather 
make it really uncomfortable, so he doesn't come back, vs. killing him, and 
getting that whole cycle going... it is a lost cause to have an antagonistic 
relationship with the animals here, but I have no problem establishing my 
boundaries. You can see two or three rattles in the picture, he's about a foot 
long -






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