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 Thank you, and thank you - the parody was hilarious - always interesting to 
look in someone else's mirror of my online me. Yeah, I made a remark about MJ's 
by-now-familiar-but-not-by-him qualification. I am feeling left out from that 
experience, where you state explicitly, before any response, that you have not 
read the post, that you are responding to.  

 I would like to try that! Think of the possibilities, the blind agendas 
forwarded, the left-hand turns, down a dirt road! The next time someone makes a 
comment about *anything*, I'll respond like this: 

 Even though I haven't read [subject post], 
 it is clearly [a. an affirmation, b. a condemnation, c. an insane lie, d. an 
excellent joke], 
 about the principles of [a. cooking, b.TM, c. Enlightenment, d. shoes, e. 
horse shoes]. 
 Therefore, you [a. suck, b. make a good point, c. aren't making any sense], 
 and so I [a. am, b. am not] 
 going to [a. dignify that with a response, b. remember that, and cherish it, 
c. tell you to fuck off]. 

 But you aren't that kind of guy, from what I can see. You aren't not going to 
read stuff because you are afraid it will offend you or because you know most 
of the time you don't agree with the poster. It seems to me that you and I are 
a little alike in that way, that we welcome experience and if it doesn't pan 
out to be either interesting enough in the long run or requires too much energy 
to persist in continuing to engage with it then you move along. But unless it's 
something that is gonna literally burn the retinas out of your skull I usually 
glance at most of what goes on here. I'm even still reading a lot of what bawee 
posts even though I have failed to find it illuminating beyond what it says 
about him. (I liked your example above, BTW, of how to approach a post. It was 
written with the Fleetwood characteristic clever, albeit sometimes slightly 
acidic, insight.)

 Yes, I find so many solutions, through continually expanding my horizons, not 
just physically, but by being open to "the bigger picture". I find beliefs can 
serve as temporary milestones, though I do my best to form my world view, as an 
ongoing consequence of experience. It is not so important what anyone thinks, 
in the moment, including me.
 The recent piece by seerdope, about traditional knowledge, as contrasted with 
the hammer of science, was an excellent description, of how life progresses, 
and how much there is in the world, for our deepest desires, for ourselves, and 
others, to be realized.
 Good Morning!




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