If you live in a rural setting, you might consider some critters that don't 
like snakes. In Texas, many people used to keep guinea fowl. They hate snakes 
and will kill them on site. Pea fowl will do the same. It's just a matter of 
whether you would rather put up with their *mess* or the snakes. Of course the 
fowl may attract other predators like bobcats, tomcats and the occasional 

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Yeah, we have lizards too, and this is the first snake I have seen - they don't 
make themselves visible very often, and thank goodness our house is on a slab - 
no crawlspace.

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That cool Jim.

Just glad she happened to see him.

Yes, employ whatever communication skills you might have to set the boundaries, 
and hope it works.

We get snakes in our backyard periodically.  Non venemous.  I will sometimes 
pick them up by their tail end and move them.

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Has a biblical ring to it, huh?... My wife found the snake (western 
diamondback?) on the patio, next to the house, this evening. I hosed him off, 
into nearby shrubs. I'd rather make it really uncomfortable, so he doesn't come 
back, vs. killing him, and getting that whole cycle going... it is a lost cause 
to have an antagonistic relationship with the animals here, but I have no 
problem establishing my boundaries. You can see two or three rattles in the 
picture, he's about a foot long -


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