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 Appreciate you sharing the story. It serves to illustrate what total complete 
assholes the Movement is made of and what incredibly stupid mentality is 
encouraged and taught in the Movement. And these are the people who want to 
teach our kids meditation in schools? No thanks.


I think it's quite sweet how they believe this stuff just because Marshy said 
so, and then go around claiming "nature support" and other bizarre powers. But 
every religion has its own little language and way of deluding themselves, I 
could live among them only because they tell you during the teaching process 
that you don't have to change your beliefs. I held them to it, and they didn't 
like me reminding them, apparently I was "supposed" to have absorbed the 
teaching by the time I was a well practised "siddha". How we all laughed....

 I agree with you about schools though, I've no objection to kids learning to 
meditate but TM is such a strong gateway drug it's easy to get swept up in the 
hyperbole, and if you show any sort of keenness that gets put on the database 
and you get invited to donate to pundits and yagyas and all that bull. Some of 
them will even end up bouncing around on their backsides for hours every day.

 Keep religion out of schools. That's what I say.

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 C'mon! They didn't really claim Lynch's smoking is his self referral??


 Of course they did! The statement means nothing so it can be co-opted to 
support anything you like.

 I had it explained to me by our "raja", he said that what you do is close your 
eyes and look inwards at your "self" and it will tell you if something is 
right. I always that that was called desire or even just agreeing with yourself 
and didn't know why the TMO gave it a special name but it's like that with a 
lot of kooky spiritual stuff, makes them think they have better life skills 
than the rest of us.

 The example he used on me was astrology, when I told I thought it was a crock 
he said he wondered about it too until he looked at his "self" and found he 
agreed with himself. (?)

 Maybe we should do that with 9/11 conspiracies and see how the "self" guides 
us. LOL.

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 He'd probably weigh over 300 pounds if he quit both. 

 I think Bevan Morris should get back on the fags then, and Hagelin is looking 
a but chubby these days. I can just see them on the Marshy channel stubbing one 
out in an ashtray and swigging back the dregs of a 'cino before puja. It's 
vedic, they'll cough.

 They had to find a way of excusing Lynchees habits, so they claimed it was 
self-referral. Like that explains anything at all.

  He is probably typical American pitta-kapha and kapha dominant too much of 
the time.  Those two substances are known in ayurveda to reduce kapha.  My late 
tantra guru probably would not have have died of congestive heart failure if he 
had not quit smoking.  He immediately put on weight when he quit.  I also think 
that people who are kapha will be less likely get emphysema from smoking as 
that tends to happen more with vata types.
 Creative people often fight with having a creative mindset and being able to 
act on it.  For instance a lot of jazz musicians were bright people who easily 
learned their instruments and music theory but a bit too high strung to play 
well without some help from drugs (or some meditation).
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   "I must have a very high tolerance for caffeine," he says. "I always 
associated smoking and drinking coffee with the art life. They go hand in hand. 
There's something about drinking coffee and smoking that makes me happy and 
facilitates thinking. I just really love those things." - David Lynch






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