Well Bhairitu, I've started perusing the videos on the remote viewing site and 
it's hard to convey how unimpressive it is. 

 The Pyramid one for instance starts with a lecture about not waiting for 
authority to disclose things but finding them out for yourself. And then asks 
you to take his word for it! The following babble is unbelievably clueless, 
talk of using sound to hover blocks of stone, battling alien races (where did 
they go and why did they leave no trace?) and worldwide slave labour! All to 
solve what isn't really a mystery - the pyramids weren't built with slaves and 
the stone was quarried nearby in the usual fashion with bronze axes and 
chisels, loads of which are lying around still.

 Pervading it all is this same elite smugness that I see with the 9/11 
"truthers". That only they know the truth and you are stupid sheeple for 
believing the "authorities" version of what happened. They never finish the 
sentence by saying we should follow their authority instead. And a highly 
unorthodox and impossible to verify one at that.

 I always found it insulting to our ancestors that we can't credit them with 
enough wherewithal to build a few huge monuments, I know it's a backhanded 
compliment but it does us no credit to assume that just because we couldn't get 
organisation like that together there's no way they could have, we didn't have 
the sort of devotional society they had. They may not even have had minds that 
worked in the same way as us. 

 Whatever the RV'ers daydream, the pyramids were built by humans. Don't let 
other people do your thinking for you, Brown's claim that the smart people in 
the military don't abandon things that don't work is correct, which is why they 
stopped research with these guys in the first place, and that was just for 
stuff they were looking for in Afghanistan, these guys are talking about things 
that happened decades or millennia ago and just taking the visions as fact! 

 His smugness and conviction might distract some from the fact there is no 
corroborating evidence but that's the first thing I look for when faced with a 
revolutionary idea. So I'll wait till someone digs up some of the aliens that 
allegedly helped or anything that shows that people couldn't have done it 
unaided but we already know they did! I remain unconvinced.

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