You are right, Seerdope, that's how I remember it, and as you say, it was a 
very clever and witty answer. Typical of MMY. He had a great sense of humor and 
loved to play with words. 

---In, <seerdope@...> wrote :

 I believe he said "We are against it" (not to say that he did not also say 
your quote).  

 Being "against it" to me is far richer in meaning, funnier, and to me 
characterizes his style of communication.  He spoke with different levels of 
meaning, with double (and triple) entendre (not sexual in instances that I 
heard).  His quip was funny, decoupling his words  from esoteria suitable for 
their focus on modern educated audiences, yet still conveying (what I believe) 
he meant.   

 Being against it means he was promoting a method (in his mind) that made 
reincarnation unnecessary.  If asked if he believed in the existance any 
curable disease, a witty doctor might say the same. 

 This is instructive (to me) -- a message that his, and any teacher's words 
need to be carefully parsed, not over generalized, viewed in its specific 
context and for what audience, don't assume its the full teach or truth being 
conveyed, and most importantly, loosen up, let your sense of humor blossom 

 His is I believe the traditional view that the seeds of reincarnation (the 
vast mountain of karma -- both the small chunk bitten off in this life 
(prarabdha karma) as well as the remainder of the huge yet to be dealt with 
(sanchita karma) are burned by the fires of knowledge (from Gita). 

 (And personally I do not count anything M said as authoritative. Nor that of 
(much) of any teacher or source of knowledge (or words). But for me, he did 
provide some useful starting points for personal investigation and validation.)

 Quick aside: paraphrasing an early day's conversation: 
 M: we all have a mountain of karma.
 CLutes (apparently believing he was quite far along on the path): "M, do I 
have a mountain of karma?"
 M: "You Charlie have more like a huge mountain range."

 What are the fires of knowledge? A number of possibilities, not necessarily 
mutually exclusive: 
 understanding and knowledge, 
 kundalini rising and burning all latent samskaras in the chakras, culminating 
in the blooming of the crown chakra, 
 grace of a fully realized teacher, 
 grace of the divine
 other stuff


 And does "no reincarnation" mean no more individuality after the body drops? 

 (And my position is at least sympathetic with uber atheist Sam Harris who said 
in a funny quip, at a conference on death ( or something) with speakers across 
a full spectrum of views, paraphrasing "The key thing is we will all dance 
around the question and weave greatly nuanced and intricate answers, but the 
bottom line is none of us know what really happens when the physical body 

 Reincarnation in human form does not preclude continuation of inner evolution 
in many astral and causal planes (Autobio of Yogi has good discussion of this).

 And is Moksha / Liberation (that is, all Sanchita Karma (the whole range, the 
big enchilada) is burned / roasted)  the same as "enlightenment"?  I suggest 
Liberation is the ultimate real thing, with a clear criteria. Enlightenment, at 
what ever stage, not so much. That is not to discount the freedom and 
contentment of any such stages and states.



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