Richard can’t wait to get up. Today is the day he and Rita have plans. First, 
they will be venturing to Whole Foods where he is aware that quinoa is on super 
special. After that, on the way for a visit at  the genius bar at the Apple 
store (Richard likes to play with these young “geniuses” to see if they are as 
smart as they think they are) they will stop off for a little Tex Mex in the 
strip mall - although it his housed in a rather humdrum part of town it boasts 
the best Albondigas soup which Richard plans to follow with the arroz con pollo 
(and maybe his guilty pleasure, the cheddar and jalapeño biscuits) and finally 
the house specialty - rose petal flan. Rita prefers the Posole Rojo and the 
Pork and Poblano stew and sometimes she will forego the dessert for a second 
Negra Modelo. Yes indeed, this is going to be a full and pleasant Texas 
afternoon and, with his camera in tow, Richard will share some snaps with the 
others at FFL. They will be able to see what he did today and where he went. He 
knows that the folks like to see what he has been doing during the day. 

 First though, he must check the computer. Now that Dan is gone there is no 
longer the race to post. The post count will be his, just as it usually is. He 
is the king of the heap, he stands head and shoulders above the others who 
don’t have the endurance to hit the SEND button with the frequency and pleasure 
with which Richard, the pundit, does. He is the veteran, he knows the ropes, he 
has the comebacks, the answers, the macros stored and ready for any 
eventuality. Richard can wear down even the surliest, the most indignant and 
self righteous poster. He just laughs and laughs and laughs. It is a good life. 
Richard isn’t bothered if he is purportedly on the no-read list - he knows that 
eventually his messages could leak through the equivalent of a triple sealed 
and bottled Dos Equis. Those who associate him with Prairie Dogs or claim he is 
off his medication don’t know the truth - Richard is having fun and isn’t fun 
what a lot of this life is all about? You can TALK about advaitin, 
nididhyasana, na medhaya and abhijna all you like (and verbally duel Sanskrit 
terms and concepts all day long with Empty) but when it comes right down to it 
Richard is livin’ the life and there’s no place like Texas to be doing it.

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