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I think they should also be sued for encouraging littering!

I tried one of these energy drinks once, never again. I was frothing at the 
mouth and babbling all night. Highly speedy. I can't believe they are legal for 
adults let alone children, and some people knock them back like I drink water!

I think a class action suit against the TMO would be workable and lucrative 
because it's actually taught that the TMSP develops paranormal powers (the clue 
is in the name) and they even publish "scientific" lectures about how it works 
to entice the unwary into thinking there's a physical basis for it all. Given 
the amount of time I spent doing it when I could have been earning a decent 
crust, I would say that a round figure of £1 million ought to ease the pain of 
still being held to the ground by gravity. I might want an extra million to 
compensate me for the embarrassment of having to admit I fell for it too.

Now we can watch the TB's claiming they only learnt for self improvement 
reasons and don;t care that they never developed any magical powers. Insert 
spluttering protests here:

That's always amused me, too. It's even more of an obvious lie than the TM 
teachers who claimed (and continue to claim) that TM is not religious after 
learning exactly what the TM puja means and who it is they and their students 
are bowing down to every time they teach. 
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