BREAKING: Sources close to the administration have confirmed that the EPA is 
set to approve Dow Chemical's new 2,4-D "Agent Orange" GMO crops as early as 
tomorrow! Now the chemical arms race is about to explode on your plate with the 
biotech industry spraying more toxic chemicals on our food - and we need your 
help to stop it!
 To overcome the failure of Monsanto's Roundup Ready GMO crops and the rise of 
70 million acres of superweeds, Dow Chemical is seeking the approval of new 
Enlist Duo GMO "Agent Orange" corn and soy to tolerate 2,4-D, a main chemical 
component of the Vietnam era defoliant linked to birth defects, cancer, and 
hormone disruption, and glyphosate, the main chemical in Monsanto's best 
selling weedkiller Roundup.
 These facts have greatly alarmed scientists and farmers alike, leading a 
former top Reagan USDA official to declare 2,4-D one of  “the most dangerous 
chemicals out there.”
 Tell President Obama to Reject Dow’s Dangerous New Enlist Agent Orange GMOs!
 A copy of this petition will be delivered to the White House:

 Docket No. EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0195-0427
 Docket No. EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0195-0427
 Docket No. EPA-HQ-OPP-2014-0195-0427
 Dear President Obama,
 I urge you to step in and stop Dow Chemical’s 2,4-D resistant genetically 
engineered (GE) corn and soybeans, and the toxic herbicide mixture they rely 
on, Enlist Duo. USDA approved these risky crops last month despite half a 
million public comments, letters from scientists and health care professionals, 
and even a letter from 60 members of Congress in opposition. EPA is about to 
follow suit and approve Dow’s new 2,4-D-glyphosate herbicide mix intended for 
use on these GE crops. 

If you allow EPA to approve this herbicide mix, tens of millions of pounds more 
2,4-D will be sprayed on these new crops.  2,4-D would contaminate our food, 
water and atmosphere. Medical scientists have found that 2,4-D exposure is 
associated with higher rates of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and reproductive 
problems.  Dow’s 2,4-D resistant crops and 2,4-D herbicide mix pose a grave 
threat to our nation’s agricultural, environmental, and human health.

I urge you to stop the approval of Enlist Duo herbicide and reverse USDA’s 
approval of 2,4-D-resistant corn and soybeans.
 [Your Name]

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