Yes, and towards at least some objectivity in reporting I should hope that at 
least some people with current valid Dome badges could go and then report to us 
their observations. Would also be really good too if we could get a spectrum of 
reporting from both Re-certified TM teachers and old retired TM teachers who 
have effectively been Decertified to from teaching TM to give their reports 
 It simply would not be enough to just have someone from the Washington Post 
review the presentation. Most all the outside journalists never really get the 
nuance and miss entirely the back-stories to what really is going on. And of 
course obviously that local guy there who plays the banjo on the streets, 
corners and subways just because he lives close to the venue is way too biased 
to objectively report to us all.  Jai Guru Dev,  -Buck in the Dome
 nablusoss1008 writes:
 It's part of Rick Archer's long-time strategy to try to split up and weaken 
the Movement.

 LEnglish5@...> wrote :
 If that were true, they wouldn't be leveraging Maharishi's name for the 




 In, rick@... wrote :
 An organizer asked me to post this. 


 Be curious. Be practical. Be yourself.


 One's perspective on this presentation of Explanations should be focused on 
"assessing its content" (i.e., whoever the source may be is far less relevant). 

 Ask yourself on November 30th:


 1) Is the content valuable and helpful to me now in my life? 

 2) Does it have a practical benefit? If yes, then take that part and use it. 
If not, then don't. 

 That should always be the test. On the individual level. 


 For details of how to Reserve a free seat, Live Stream it, or to watch the 
recording afterwards:


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