Like I said before, it is Jerry Jarvis' stamp of approval that is giving this 
event legitimacy in the eyes of many old time TM'ers - not to mention the 
penchant of TM'ers to believe unbelievable bullshit - that helps too.

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This is just too silly for words. If the emphasis is on "assessing the 
content," why is it being promoted as being a message from MMY? The truth is 
that for some weird reason, Hammond is using this ploy to promote his own 
views. If he just gave a talk himself, no one would be interested. So he has 
hit on this ludicrous marketing ploy. As I commented earlier, I am astonished 
that anyone is taking this seriously. 

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An organizer asked me to post this. 
Be curious. Be practical. Be yourself.
One's perspective on this presentation of Explanations should be focused on 
"assessing its content" (i.e., whoever the source may be is far less relevant). 
Ask yourself on November 30th:
1) Is the content valuable and helpful to me now in my life? 
2) Does it have a practical benefit? If yes, then take that part and use it. If 
not, then don't. 
That should always be the test. On the individual level. 
For details of how to Reserve a free seat, Live Stream it, or to watch the 
recording afterwards:
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