Apparently the Vikings and off course India sailors discovered the earth wasn't flat either and way before Columbus.

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Just wondering if Eric Kasum would have been born had there been no Columbus, much less have his education, wealth,freedom to pursue his hearts desire, and all the leisure time he seems to have to think and write about peace and justice. Columbus was a man of his *time* as is Eric Kasum. Kasum judges Columbus based on what are normal values today, not what reality was then. Kasum compares Columbus to the peaceful Arawak Indians, not the blood thirsty Mayan or Aztecs, go figure(sorry willie).We don't celebrate Christopher Columbus for his personality but what his contribution has done for mankind. Columbus's accidental discovery lead to further exploration and development that has given us what we have and are today. Thank you Chris!

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Why do we celebrate this creep anyway?

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