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I am curious how you feel it is "doing good in the world" when it has thrived 
off of lies, misinformation and the cultish beliefs and antics it has used for 
decades? Do you mean just by the fact it still teaches TM to folks who were not 
meditators before?


Yes, many of whom benefit tremendously from it, as I have. It’s not all “lies, 
misinformation and the cultish beliefs and antics”. There are many good people 
who are not guilty of that stuff, and there is probably a power struggle within 
the movement between them and those who are.



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It's part of Rick Archer's long-time strategy to try to split up and weaken the 

I have no such strategy. I just forward stuff that’s relevant to FFL. That 
includes stuff from Hagelin, Orme-Johnson, etc. I wish the movement well. I 
think it’s doing a lot of good in the world. But it will only thrive if it 
conducts itself with honesty and integrity and purges itself from cultish 
nonsense, much of which was introduced by MMY. 


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