But one man's cultish nonsense is another man's profoundly spiritual insight... 

 People assume that MMY could never do wrong, and so they always went with his 
program/project/practice _du jour_


 Others assume that when MMY came up something they perceived as off-the-wall, 
it meant he had gone off teh deep end.


 My own take is that MMY never had a clue when something was going to work or 
not until he tried it, and the stuff that "stuck" to the wall, is the stuff 
that he embraced as valid.

 In every case (stick-able or not) he had to find an intellectual reason for 
why he suggested something, and so he made something up to explain things. 
Sometimes those reasons sounded plausible and sometimes they didn't.

 Sometimes something he did turned out to be very good, even though he had no 
idea why it was very good.

 Example of this last: the Rajas and their golden crowns. Totally crazy, and 
yet, the schism that resulted occurred BEFORE his death and not after. By the 
time he died, everywhere in the world outside of India, the TM organization had 
already restructured itself to work with the new hierarchy of Those Who Wear 
Crowns, while those who couldn't deal with such craziness had already left.

 The result was an almost drama-less succession for Good King Tony (outside of 

 Brilliant... even though I'm  almost positive that MMY hadn't really thought 
of things that way.



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 It's part of Rick Archer's long-time strategy to try to split up and weaken 
the Movement.
 I have no such strategy. I just forward stuff that’s relevant to FFL. That 
includes stuff from Hagelin, Orme-Johnson, etc. I wish the movement well. I 
think it’s doing a lot of good in the world. But it will only thrive if it 
conducts itself with honesty and integrity and purges itself from cultish 
nonsense, much of which was introduced by MMY. 


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