What's interesting about your Sexy Sadie comment is that a while back you 
commented that you were quite amazed that any woman was claiming to have sex 
with MMY as your personal observation was that he had no sexuality to speak of. 

 Once it became clear that you could get specific people mad by referring  to 
the claims, you started to embrace them, without ever explaining why you came 
to change your mind about MMY's sexual activities or lack thereof.



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   This is just too silly for words. If the emphasis is on "assessing the 
content," why is it being promoted as being a message from MMY? The truth is 
that for some weird reason, Hammond is using this ploy to promote his own 
views. If he just gave a talk himself, no one would be interested. So he has 
hit on this ludicrous marketing ploy. As I commented earlier, I am astonished 
that anyone is taking this seriously. 


While I agree that the whole scenario is too silly for words, what does it say 
about the incredible gullibility and susceptibility of TMers *that* it's being 
taken seriously? 

In what other group would its members actually fall for this? 

What other group would proactively attempt to squelch it, as "Raja" (that's 
ludicrous in itself) Hagelin did? 

This is great theater. I hope *some* reporters actually attend, and write it up 
or do a TV bit about it. Can't you just imagine the headline/teaser? 

 Leaders Of TM Cult Freak Out Over Advice From Beyond The Grave 
Sent By Original "Sexy Sadie" Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

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