Excellent - Yes, please post pics.

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 Ha ha, saw that on the news just a while ago.  No, I won't fly mine around 
people with remote aircraft. I know my birds would be tempted to go after them 
and could get their feet hurt by the propellers. However, I have seen You Tube 
videos of Arabs using one to pull a lure through the air and the falcons were 
taught to chase it. I do train my falcons to go up to a lure suspended from a 
kite though. Just had my male Peregrine fly up 500 feet in a twenty mile an 
hour wind today. Little guy is getting strong! P90X for falcons! I'll have him 
going to 1500 feet by the end of the month. I'll post some pics of him soon. 
Having trouble e-mailing pics from my phone to my computer now. Once I get it 
worked out, I'll send some to FFL.

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   Does your falcon attack drones?



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