Yes, I got in touch with 'the boss', and said a deep prayer, before striking.  
I just ran across my Jed McKenna books, "Spiritual Warfare", and two others. In 
them, he discusses the possibility of a larger cycle of existence, whereby 
those killed, such as beef cattle, are thankful for the release. He slaughters 
many sacred cows, through his books, and is worth a look, if one is so 
 Everything is fine, and the rule of thumb around here, is to always look at 
the ground, when walking.
 ...but, you already knew that...
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 tweedle dee and tweedle dumb. There is plenty to go after, as creative as the 
TMO is, so they can plow that fertile ground, forever. 
 Every manifestation, has its opposite, that is why balance is so important, 
because if we choose to, we can focus exclusively on the negative, and it can 
become quite seductive.
 Barry and MJ have become enamored of the negative side of Maharishi, and the 
TMO, and the Beatles' involvement, and the Siddhis, and David Lynch.  
 As Maharishi said, none of us is 100% good, or 100% bad, but a mixture, 
always, as human beings. It is the way this place is set up. Balance, born of 
complete acceptance of what is, is the only "answer". As MJ and Barry do, 
anyone can focus exclusively on the negative aspects of *anything*. The 
technique, as I see it and live it, is to be aware of everything, yet, not be 
captured, by anything.
 I was confronted by that, when the rattlesnake came back, yesterday morning. 
The rule is, if they return, they must be killed. I was thinking about the 
possibility two nights ago, and asked the king of the rattlesnakes to be here, 
and suddenly, there he was, reminding me that snakes are fierce, and as 
uncompromising in their mission, as we are, 3D, full color.
 That experience then allowed me to fully know the snake, when I next saw him, 
without fear. I took my hoe from the garage, and chopped off his head - one 
stroke, and surprisingly, no blood at all. 
 Loving what is, be here now, established in Being, all the same thing. Those 
that rail against the greatest modern proponent of a technique to awaken that, 
for all of us, are delusional...and far more harmless than a rattlesnake. :-)

 Wow, a clean kill. I am not sure what I would have done with it. I might have 
tried to trap it and move it far away but then I might have been moving it away 
from its territory where it had a mate or where it would survive best. Killing 
animals for me is the last resort but then I have never been threatened by an 
animal in a way that made me either fear for my life or my limbs. There are a 
few things I kill without too much problem and yet I am still aware that I am 
ending its life and that is dog lice and mosquitos. Pretty much every other 
creature is okay by me although if I had to remove ticks or leeches from me I 
might give them the squish too.


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