you miss the point Barry.  You are simply a button pusher, with no real 
interest in anything other than trying to get a rise out of people, and assert 
your superior outlook on life.  A funny way to live, but if it brings you some 
modicum of happiness, then stay with it it, I guess. 



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   Beautifully, beautifully written Sal! Buck just can't stand the thought the 
whole deal was a con, so he grasps at straws.

 From: salyavin808 <>
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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: About Nov. 30 and the TM movement

 What I find difficult to comprehend is how grown men like Doug/Buck or Steve 
or Lawson or Nabby can *possibly* get their panties so in a twist when someone 
criticizes a group they first identified with 20 to 40 years ago. 

Did these guys just never *grow up*? 

HOW can anyone *possibly* get uptight when someone criticizes a teacher they 
once worked with years ago? Especially one who is (wait for it) DEAD? 

HOW can someone get pissed off when someone criticizes something they *believe* 
in? Don't they *realize* that beliefs are just transitory thoughts, which, like 
thoughts during meditation, should just be ignored as they pass by and not held 
onto? HOW could they possibly be so *attached* to these things they were taught 
to believe in decades ago?

Finally, HOW can they get so uptight when someone such as myself or Salyavin or 
THEY ARE? There is NO ONE on this forum who has accomplished much of *anything* 
with their lives, as measured by either riches or fame. Certainly no TM TB on 
this forum has ever accomplished much of anything. What is WRONG with reminding 
these people how fuckin' ORDINARY they are? 

It's difficult for people like Doug/Buck or Steve or Lawson or Nabby to make a 
case for TM *not* being a cult when they act so much like cultists. Who ELSE in 
the world acts the way they do OTHER THAN cultists?

 ---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Yea But, the really interesting thing here is the legal path the old UK TM 
teachers carve out to continue to teach in the face of the strong-hand attempt 
of TM trademark assertion.. as Sal notes: but there isn't much they (Vlodrop) 
can do as all the teachers were trained by Marshy (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi).  
That is interesting. 40,000 TM teachers out there in the world trained by 
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and a few hundreds of TM teacher re-certs. The new TM 
legal department sharp-shoots old individuals continuing to teach TM as they 
were taught to teach as an infringement but this particular group of UK 
scorpion TM teachers stuck together and withstands the new TM legal department 
together. The Maharishi Foundation (Vlodrop and Vedic City) now keep a 
trademark infringement law firm on retainer now in the USA as they hunt down 
old TM teachers teaching outside the TM teacher re-certification project, a 
project that came post Maharishi or at the end to have old teachers come in and 
sign papers again restricting their teaching. Apparently the group of UK TM 
teachers exist extra-territorial to new-TM because they stuck together. Damned 

 That's so badly written I can't tell if the damned scorpions are the ones 
continuing to teach the way they were taught to, or if they're the re-certified 
legal department trying to stop them.

 Given your love of transcending I would have thought you'd just be happy that 
more people are getting the chance to try it. Maybe you get upset because it 
skews the coherence numbers and you know that makes it less likely that the 
Marshy Effect works because there are prolly twice as many people meditating as 
you thought. No need to call for more people in the domes if we should all be 
floating anyway huh?

 Or maybe it's because they deprive the national office with money, but you're 
always complaining about the way they run things anyway. And just think, the 
fewer people in the official TMO the fewer there are being conned into forking 
out the readies for the yagya programme or the thousand headed bone-idle mug 
punters who'd be a lot better off getting a job and paying their own way in 

 I remember the first re-certification course, your opinion of it's purpose may 
differ but it seemed like just another way of screwing the faithful out of 
their last few meagre savings. Did you know people were sitting the domes 
crying at the sheer pointless waste of time and money as the bigwigs viciously 
fleeced them in return for astoundingly useful and unique information like how 
to open a bank account? And all so they could continue to practise something 
that they'd paid a fortune and devoted their lives to many years before.

 Only time will tell which group has whatever it is that appeals to the masses, 
the faux Hindoo certified TMO or the faux Hindoo non-certified but completely 
identical ex-TMO. 

 Did you think the age of enlightenment was going to be as entertaining as this?



 steve.sundur wrote :
 Sal, ..  Your strict adherence to everything science has dulled your 
sensitivity to nuance. 

 You've got that knee jerk, TM bash move down pat.

 mjackson74@...> wrote : 
 Sal says they do and their web presence speaks to it as well. But I will defer 
to Sal on this he is in a position to know.


 Sal writing:

 It's a good question, there are a few teaching in various places, The 
Meditation Trust is probably the best known as they were the guys who quit when 
Marshy put the price up so high it put them out of business. They have a few 
centres and hold courses in a country house where they teach the TMSP too. 

 The TM official are always taking legal action against them but there isn't 
much they can do as all the teachers were trained by Marshy. 

 I know people who go on their courses, they always tell me that I musn't 
mention it to people in the movement, which says it all about the TMO really. 
The same guy was telling me that someone asked him if it was true that people 
get brainwashed in the TMO, he said of course not. 

 Anyway, they seem to be doing well and actually making money out of it which 
is the TM teachers dream, but then they don't have to give half to the TMO. Bad 
feelings about that too I shouldn't wonder.

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 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: About Nov. 30
   Michael: note the highlighted part of my post below. A schism requires that 
the split off group has a coherent organization. I don't know if the initiators 
in England have this.


---In, <mjackson74@...> wrote :

 the Movement already split - don't forget the renegade initiators in England


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] Re: About Nov. 30
   Species, Corporations, Religions, Cults, as is the nature of change, always, 
if they persist, break apart or become extinct. A schism is always eventually 
in the cards for the TM movement. It is said shortly after his death, the 
followers of Buddha broke into some two dozen different sects. You can see how 
Christianity split over time. There seem to be fewer splits among Muslims, 
perhaps a reflection of the dark ferocity of their memes. The Mormons, barely a 
religion after 150 years, have split six times. And look at all the different 
Hindu flavours. It is almost a no-brainer prediction that the TM movement will 
at some point split. *Already there are many teachers in various countries 
teaching outside the movement purview.* 

 I would say that movements in which the participants are unable to think for 
themselves are likely to cohere together longer than those in which mental 
freedom and expression are given freer reign. Onward Lemmings!

 Rick does not have to do anything to weaken the movement, it will break 
naturally of its own accord, it is already frayed around the edges. While you 
might try to do something to arrest progress, eventually you will fail. That is 
the nature of evolution.

---In, <> wrote :


 It's part of Rick Archer's long-time strategy to try to split up and weaken 
the Movement.


---In, <rick@...> wrote :

 An organizer asked me to post this. 


 Be curious. Be practical. Be yourself.


 One's perspective on this presentation of Explanations should be focused on 
"assessing its content" (i.e., whoever the source may be is far less relevant). 

 Ask yourself on November 30th:


 1) Is the content valuable and helpful to me now in my life? 

 2) Does it have a practical benefit? If yes, then take that part and use it. 
If not, then don't. 

 That should always be the test. On the individual level. 


 For details of how to Reserve a free seat, Live Stream it, or to watch the 
recording afterwards:









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